The Fantasticks

by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt
Directed by Geoff Cartwright

Luisa and Matt are next door neighbours. Luisa and Matt are in love. Their fathers build a wall between them to make it a struggle for them to meet and woo. But they do meet and love and this is just what the fathers planned! The Fantasticks, the longest running musical off Broadway (it’s been playing since 1960) is a simple tale of parents who see that ‘without a hurt the heart is hollow’; that infatuation must pass; that love must be worked at to endure.

Nikki Sheppard and Jordan Vanderheide, fresh from their success as the romantic leads in Guys and Dolls, showcase their beautiful blend of voices as Luisa and Matt.

A sweet, poignant, hilarious chamber musical, The Fantasticks comes to The Star of the Sea Theatre this April.

Luisa → Nikki Sheppard
Matt → Jordan Vanderheide
El Gallo → Jarrad Bizzaca
Bellomy → Stephen Bracken
Hucklebee → Peter Bertoni
Henry → Chris McKay
Mortimer → Greg Wallace
Mute → Emilia Stubbs-Grigoriou