Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward
directed by Chris McKay

Charles Condomine, whose first wife Elvira has been dead for seven years, has been resonably happy with his second wife Ruth. To collect material for his latest book, he invites Madame Arcati, a local medium, to conduct a seance at their home. The evening consists a table tapping, unconvincing trances, and the summoning of Elvira's ghost. Charles now finds himself caught between two warring wives, setting the scene for Noel Coward's most improbable farce.

Charles → Peter Bertoni
Ruth → Caitlin Pentecost
Elvira → Emilia Stubbs-Grigoriou
Madame Arcarti → Louise Harding
George Bradman → Stephen Bracken
Mrs. Bradman → Felicia Kontoulas
Edith → Chloe Christensen